Wedding Traditions

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Moroccan wedding

Morocco is a country in the north of Africa. It has its coast in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Med... Read full article

Strange wedding traditions

Wedding traditions differ from culture to culture, nation to nation. Some of traditions are actually... Read full article

Wedding traditions in South America

South America is a continent with predominantly Christian population. That's why here I won't descri... Read full article

African wedding traditions

Africa, with its many nations and tribes, is very rich in different wedding traditions. An old Afric... Read full article

Tamil wedding

Tamil wedding includes many traditions that differ from community to community. Still basic details ... Read full article

Tajik wedding

Tajik wedding is a week long event. On the first day bride and groom declare to everyone that they a... Read full article

Sikh wedding

According to the Rahit Maryada, which is the Sikh Code of Conduct, "A Sikh is any woman or man whose... Read full article

Wedding ducks

Wedding ducks have special role in every Korean wedding. They were chosen as it is known that... Read full article

Bengali wedding

The Bengali people or Bangali as they call themselves live in the historic region of Bengal. This re... Read full article

Persian wedding

Iran is a country of 70,472,846 (2007) people located in central Asia on the northeastern shore of t... Read full article

Armenian wedding

Armenia or Hayastan, as its people call it, is a mountainous country in the Caucasus region. Armeni... Read full article

Jewish wedding traditions

Wedding is the happiest event in the life of the bride (“kallah”) and the groom (“chatan”).... Read full article

Traditional wedding dresses

A wedding dress or wedding gown is a type of garment worn by the bride during wedding ceremony. Its ... Read full article

10 traditional wedding dances (1)

10 traditional wedding dances (2)