Food And Drink

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Sake is a traditional Japanese beverage made from rice. The Japanese call it “Nihonshu” or “Ja... Read full article


Barmbrack (barm brack) or in Irish báirín breac ("speckled loaf") is a traditional sweet bread fro... Read full article

Yuanxiao dumplings

Yuanxiao or tangyuan (tangtuan) dumplings are made of glutinous rice flour. They can include sweet o... Read full article


Acarajé is a dish popular in parts of western Africa and in the Brazilian state of Bahia. In differ... Read full article


Tunnbröd ("thin bread") is a type of flat bread from Sweden. The dough used in its preparation cont... Read full article


Koliva (kolyva, koljivo, kolivo) is a traditional dish consumed mainly during different ceremonies i... Read full article


Kimchi (gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee) is a traditional Korean dish made of different vegetables and ... Read full article

Fish and chips

In the mid 19th century the British started selling fish and chips (fish 'n' chips). Fish and chips ... Read full article

Blooming tea

Blooming or flowering tea is made by sewing tea leaves around different flowers like for example ama... Read full article

Turkish tea

Turkish tea (in Turkish “çay”) is the most popular beverage in Turkey, the North Africa, the Mi... Read full article


Tej is the Ethiopian mead or honey wine. Some powdered leaves and twigs of “gesho” or Shiny-leaf... Read full article

Mote con huesillos

Most Chileans fight the summer heat by drinking mote con huesillos. It is a non-alcoholic beverage. ... Read full article

Green tea

Some people call it a „true“ tea. During production it is minimally oxidized. Some tea experts b... Read full article


Moussaka is an aubergine based dish popular in the southeast of Europe and in the Middle East. The m... Read full article


Nattō is a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soya beans. It has a very strong smell and... Read full article

Seaweed in Japanese cuisine

Seaweed or in Japanese kaiso has been used as food for centuries. It is rich in various minerals, vi... Read full article

Ras el hanout

Ras el hanout (in Arabic "top of the shop") is a traditional mixture of spices used in the cuisine o... Read full article

Animal blood as food

All over the world animal blood is often used in preparation of different dishes. Blood sausage or b... Read full article

Bombay duck

Whatever first comes to your mind when you first read the term Bombay duck is wrong. It is not a duc... Read full article


Marmitako is a famous Basque dish. Its main ingredient is tuna fish. Salmon can be used too.... Read full article


Biltong is a salty dried meat delicacy from South Africa. ... Read full article

Mopane worm

Mopane worm or Mopani is the caterpillar of the moth called Gonimbrasia Belina. In many parts of sou... Read full article


Shochu is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made during destilery of barley (mugijochu), ric... Read full article

Po cha

Po cha (pocha, bocha, cha süma) or butter tea is the most typical Tibetan drink. It is also drank b... Read full article


Quite many Basque people often go to the sagardotegi. Sagardotegi is a building where apple cider is... Read full article

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a type of syrup traditionally made of xylem sap and different maple trees – sugar m... Read full article


Laddu (laddoo) is a traditional ball-shaped sweet delicacy popular all over South Asia. The word lad... Read full article


Speculaas (in Latin speculum means mirror) are biscuits that are traditionally consumed by the peopl... Read full article


This salty Scandinavian delicacy combines characteristics of cake and sandwich. The Swedes call it S... Read full article


Halo-halo is a popular Filipino dessert. In the Tagalog language word "halò" means "to mix". It is ... Read full article


Barfi (burfi, burfee) is a traditional sweet delicacy consumed by the people of Indian subcontinent.... Read full article


Probably the most popular Scottish dish is haggis. This rather unique dish contains mixture of sheep... Read full article


Goulash is a traditional Hungarian stew. Word "goulash" comes from Hungarian "gulyás" which means a... Read full article


Poffertjes are traditional Dutch delicacy. They are actually some sort of mini fluffy pancakes. Poff... Read full article


Colcannon (in Irish “cál ceannann” means "white-headed cabbage") is a traditional Irish dish. I... Read full article


For many Catalans time from November until April is just perfect for Calçotada. It is a party where... Read full article

Surströmming – Scandinavian rotten fish

Surströmming (“soured herring”) is a traditional dish of the northern Sweden. It is made of fer... Read full article

Casu marzu

Casu marzu is definitely a special Italian cheese. It is made from sheep milk on the island of Sardi... Read full article

Colada morada and Guaguas de pan

The celebration of Day of the Dead (Dia de Difuntos) in Ecuador has lot to do with consuming large q... Read full article


Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish soup from the region of Andalusia located in the south of country.... Read full article


Chouchen (in Breton Chouchenn) is a mead type of drink made as the result in fermentation of honey i... Read full article


Shchi is more than thousand years old Russian soup. Its simpler version is made of cabbage and onion... Read full article


Kushari (koshary, kosheri or koshari) is one of Egyptian national dishes. It is made of rice, brown ... Read full article