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Carnival is a festival held 40 days before Easter. It reaches each peak in the party organized befor... Read full article

Jerez Horse Fair

Jerez de la Frontera is the city located in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia (in Spanish A... Read full article

Festa del Redentore

In 1573 people of Venice, Italy held a special feast. They celebrated the end of plague in their cit... Read full article

Pushkar camel fair

Pushkar is a town located on the edge of Thar desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is famous ... Read full article

Esala Perahera

Esala Perahera, or like it is sometimes called Festival of the Tooth, is one of the biggest festival... Read full article

Carnival of Binche

Binche is a Walloon town in the Belgian province of Hainaut. Binche is famous for its carnival held ... Read full article


Dasara (Dussehra, Navaratri) is one of the most famous festivals in India. According to the Hindu ca... Read full article

Naga Panchami

Nāga Panchami is a Hindu festival organized in almost every part of India. According to the Hindu l... Read full article


Qixi (The Night of Sevens) festival is held in China on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month o... Read full article

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan (in Hindi "the bond of protection") is a Hindu festival celebrating the relationship ... Read full article

Chinese Dragon Boat festival

Dragon Boat festival or Duanwu festival is one of the most popular Chinese festivals. In Hong Kong a... Read full article

Lajkonik of Krakow

Krakow is by many the most beautiful city in Poland. This city in the south of the country has a pop... Read full article

Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong (Loi Kratong) is a festival held in Thailand on the full moon of the 12th month in the... Read full article


June is really beautiful in the town of Genzano di Roma. This small town is located on 29 kilometres... Read full article


Narcissus is a genus of flowering bulbs belonging to the Amaryllis family. In English it is also kno... Read full article

Fêtes de Bayonne

The city of Bayonne (in Basque Baiona) is located in the far southwest of France. Its citizens make ... Read full article

Surin Elephant Round-up

The Thai people love elephants. There is a popular belief stating that the shape of Thailand is simi... Read full article

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa or Gudhi Padwa is the New Year festival observed by the Marathi and Konkani Hindus.... Read full article

Chinese Hungry Ghost festival

Chinese Hungry Ghost festival or Yuen Laan, as it is also known, is held on the 15th night of the 7t... Read full article


Chuseok or Hangawi is one of the most famous Korean harvest festivals. It is held on the 15th day of... Read full article

Aste Nagusia

Aste Nagusia is a nine day festival held in Bilbao and in the rest of the Basque country during the ... Read full article

Kattenstoet - cat festival

Ieper (in French Ypres) is a town in the west of Belgium. It is located in the Flemish province of W... Read full article


Baisakhi (Vaisakhi, Vasakhi) is an important Indian festival. It is known under several different na... Read full article


Naadam is the most famous traditional festival in Mongolia. The festival is best described in local ... Read full article

Ride of the Kings

Vlčnov is a village in the south of historical Moravia region. Moravia is located in the east of th... Read full article

European harvest festivals

Harvest festivals are annual events held by people of certain region in the time of harvest. Read full article


The Ngondo is a festival held by the Sawa ethnic groups in the city of Douala, Cameroon. It is organ... Read full article

Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament

Quite many people love everything about the Middle Ages. They organize special events involving knig... Read full article

Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri is one of the most popular Japanese festivals. It is the festival of the Yasaka Shrine ... Read full article


Pooram is a festival held after summer harvest in central parts of the Indian Kerala state. District... Read full article

Hanagasa Matsuri

Hanagasa Matsuri is a Japanese festival held in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture located in the To... Read full article

Unspunnen festival

The Unspunnen festival is the Swiss folklore event organized every 10 or so years in the town of Int... Read full article


Tsechu festival is held in Bhutan on the 10th day of month according to the lunar Tibetan calendar. ... Read full article

Battle of the Flowers

Battle of the Flowers (in Catalan Batalla de Flors, in Spanish Batalla de Flores) is the final event... Read full article


Noruz or Nowruz is a traditional festival organized to mark the Iranian New Year. This festival is c... Read full article


Sartiglia or Sartilla, as it is called by the locals, is an equestrian tournament organized in town ... Read full article


Diwali or Deepwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals. The word diwali comes from the Sans... Read full article

Onbashira festival

Onbashira (in Japanese "honoured pillars") festival is organized every 6 years in the area of Suwa L... Read full article

La Diada de Sant Jordi

La Diada de Sant Jordi or Saint George's Day is celebrated in Barcelona on the 23rd of April. Someti... Read full article

Carabao festival

The Carabao festival is held in the Philippines during the feast of of San Isidro Labrador (St. Isid... Read full article

Fiesta de La Tirana

Fiesta de La Tirana is a festival in the town of La Tirana located in the Tarapacá Region of northe... Read full article


The Yoruba people live in the southwest of Nigeria and the southeast of Benin. At the end of dry sea... Read full article


The Doudou or Ducasse de Mons is a festival organized on the Trinity Sunday (57 days after Easter) i... Read full article


Hinamatsuri ("hina" is a doll, "matsuri" is a festival) is the Japanese doll festival. It is also ca... Read full article

Les Gayants de Douai

Les Gayants de Douai or the Giants of Douai is a festival organized in the city of Douai located in ... Read full article

Karatsu Kunchi Festival

Karatsu Kunchi is some 400 years old Japanese festival in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture located on t... Read full article

Bhumchu festival

Bhumchu (bhum is pot and chu is water) festival is held in the Tashiding Monastery located in the In... Read full article

Kamakura snow festival

This lovely festival is organized on the 15th and 16th of February in Yokote City, Akita prefecture ... Read full article


Namahage is a Japanese tradition organized in Oga Peninsula, Akita Prefecture in northern Honshū, J... Read full article


Pongal or Thai Pongal or is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu ("Country of ... Read full article

Nebuta Matsuri

Nebuta (in Japanese drowsiness) Matsuri (in Japanese festival) is held between the 2nd and 7th of Au... Read full article

La Mercè

La Mercè is a festival held in Barcelona, Catalonia on the feast day of Our Lady of Mercy (in Catal... Read full article

Teej festival

Teej or Haritallka Teej is a traditional Hindu festival honouring the reunion of the Lord Shiva and... Read full article

Water splashing festival

Dai people are one of 56 officially recognized national minorities in China. According to the offici... Read full article

Burning the Clocks

Burning the Clocks is the winter solstice festival in the most popular English sea resort of Brighto... Read full article

Festes de Sant Joan

Ciutadella is a town located in the west of the island of Menorca. Menorca is one of the Spanish Bal... Read full article


Donostia-San Sebastián is a beautiful city in the Basque Country. It is famous for its Internationa... Read full article

Festa das Cruzes

Barcelos is a city and municipality in the Portuguese Braga district. The symbol of this city is o g... Read full article

Akita Kanto

Akita Kanto is the Japanese harvest festival in Akita City located in the Tohoku region of the north... Read full article


Sechseläuten is a traditional spring festival in the Swiss city of Zurich. It is organized on the 1... Read full article

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is a big harvest festival held all across India. It is organized when the Sun moves ... Read full article

Andong Mask Dance Festival

Andong is a city in the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, South Korea. During the Joseon Dynasty (1392 -189... Read full article

Jidai Matsuri

Japanese city of Kyoto celebrates its foundation on the 22nd of October. On the same day local Heian... Read full article


Bolivian Potosi region is famous for its Tinku (in Quechua “encounter”, in Aymara “physical a... Read full article

Festa das fogaceiras

The city of Santa Maria de Feira is located in the Portuguese district of Aveiro. It belongs to the ... Read full article


Imilchil is a small Berber town located in the Atlas Mountains of central Morocco. It is famous for... Read full article


Gaijatra (Gai Jatra) or Cow Festival is organized by the Newa (Newar) people in Nepal. It is held in... Read full article