Music And Dance

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Pungmul (p'ungmul) is a traditional Korean music style. Each performance includes tens of dancers, ... Read full article

Dragon and Lion dances

Many Chinese festivities like Chinese New Year traditionally include Dragon and Lion dances. In the ... Read full article


Ganggangsullae is an ancient Korean harvest dance. It is performed at night by women only.... Read full article


Cueca is a traditional Latino American dance and music style.... Read full article


Hula is a traditional dance of Hawaii. What about its origin? There are several legends about it. He... Read full article


Schuhplattler is a traditional dance of the German Bavaria region and Austria. In the past it used t... Read full article

Drums of Burundi

Burundi is a small country of some 8 million people located in the east of Africa. Drum has an impo... Read full article


Balalaika is a traditional Russian musical instrument. This string instrument has a triangualar body... Read full article


Kora is a traditional harp-lute. It has 21 strings. It is a musical instrument played in Mali and so... Read full article


Chinelos is a traditional carnival dance in the Mexican state of Morelos. Chinelo is also a dancer p... Read full article


Talerschwingen or talerrollen is an unusual tradition popular in the east of Switzerland. It appeare... Read full article

Inuit throat singing

Inuit throat singing is a traditional musical form. It can also be seen as kind of game. It is known... Read full article


Gagaku ("elegant music") is a type of Japanese classical music. It arrived from Korea together with ... Read full article


Huayno (huayño) is the name of dance and music popular in the Andean countries of South America. In... Read full article


Kalbelia is a traditional dance and the nomadic tribe of same name in the Indian state of Rajasthan.... Read full article

Scissors dance

The Scissors dance or Danza de las tijeras is the traditional dance from the Peruvian region of Ayac... Read full article

Kuda Lumping

There is a traditional Indonesian dance involving a group of dancers who “ride” on colourful hor... Read full article

Hejnał mariacki

Everyone in the Polish city of Krakow knows the Hejnał mariacki ("St. Mary's dawn"). This simple tu... Read full article


Verdiales is one form of the traditional Spanish flamenco music. It is typical for Los Verdiales reg... Read full article


Topeng (in Indonesian “mask”) is a traditional Indonesian dance where one or more performers wea... Read full article


Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument. It is originally from the western part of J... Read full article

Sword dances

Sword dances exist in parts of Europe and Asia. There are dances with only one dancer. Dances with g... Read full article


Parachicos is a traditional Mexican dance performed during the Grand Feast in the city of Chiapa de ... Read full article

Chhau dance

Chhau dance is a traditional dance popular in Indian states of Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand. As... Read full article


Polka is a lively dance and type of folk music. It is popular all over Europe but also in parts of M... Read full article

Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance is an English folk dance that is performed in the village of Abbots Br... Read full article


Periniţa or Perniţa (from Romanian pernă which means a pillow) is a traditional Romanian and Mold... Read full article

Samba de Roda

Samba de Roda is a traditional Brazilian dance from the region of Recôncavo located in the state of... Read full article


Yangge or Yang Ge (in Chinese “Rice Sprout Song”) is a traditional Chinese dance. It has its ori... Read full article

Traditional drums of Sri Lanka

Drums have been part of everyday life in Sri Lanka for more than 2,500 years. It is believed that th... Read full article