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Midsummer Day in Sweden

Midsummer ("Midsommardagen") is one of the most famous Swedish holidays. It has been a state holiday... Read full article

Japanese table manners

Japanese traditionally eat sitting on cushion placed on tatami floor. They seat around a low table. ... Read full article

Samoan tattoo

Samoa is famous for its traditional tattoo. Samoans call it Pe'a. Tradition of Samoan tattoo is more... Read full article

New Year Celebrations Around The World

The arrival of new year represents great joy. It is celebrated in many different ways. There are big... Read full article

Turkish oil wrestling

Oil wrestling (in Turkish yağlı güreş) or grease wrestling is a traditional sport of Turkey. A w... Read full article

New home

New home is a new beginning for both an individual and whole family. There are many various traditio... Read full article


Senbazuru (Zenbazuru) is a group of one thousand origami cranes lined on a string. Origami (in j... Read full article

Weather folklore

Weather forecasting has been part of traditions in all civilizations for thousands of years. Farmers... Read full article

Korean New Year

People in Korea traditionally celebrate Seollal (Seolnal) or the lunar new year. Seollal celebration... Read full article

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year combines lunar and solar movements. It is usually on the second new moon after the ... Read full article

Bush medicine

Bush medicine is a term describing medical knowledge and practice of the Australian Aborigines. Reme... Read full article

Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh is the Hindu housewarming ceremony. The day when the ceremony is performed must be det... Read full article


The Inupiat (plural) or Inupiaq people are the Inuit people of Alaska's Northwest Arctic and North S... Read full article

Strange pregnancy traditions

Mother, father and the rest of the family want the pregnancy to pass fine and a healthy baby to be b... Read full article

Irish toasts

People gather on different occasions (birthday, Christening, Christmas, New Year etc.). Everyone get... Read full article


Schultüte (School Cone) or Zuckertüte (Sugar Cone), like it is called in the East of Germany, is ... Read full article


Cascarones (in Spanish "cascarón" means an eggshell) are hollowed-out eggs usually filled with conf... Read full article

New Year celebration in the Dominican Republic

The same as everywhere else people of the Dominican Republic enter the New Year with hopes for the b... Read full article

Kris dagger

Kris (keris, kalis) is a double-edged dagger exisiting in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand (Patani), Ph... Read full article

Baci ceremony

Baci ceremony or "Sou Khuane" is performed in Laos on local weddings, after birth of a child, after ... Read full article


Songkran (from Sanskrit sankranti meaning "astrological passage") is the Thai New Year. It is ce... Read full article


Champagne is a sparkling wine produced by causing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of the wine t... Read full article

Chinese proverbs

Proverbs or like the Chinese would call them "yanyu" are based on common sense or practical experien... Read full article

Colours in China

Chinese traditional belief is that there are five elements - water, fire, wood, metal and earth. It ... Read full article

Japanese tea ceremony

For the Japanese tea ceremony is not only preparation of a beverage. It also has much deeper, spirit... Read full article

Love spoons

There are so many ways to show your affection for someone you love. Here is an unusual tradition fro... Read full article

Mayan calendar

Mayas are members of indigenous nation who live in southeast Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Mayan... Read full article

Palio di Asti

The Palio di Asti is a medieval festival organized in Italian city of Asti on the third Sunday in Se... Read full article

Wayang Kulit

Wayang Kulit is a traditional shadow puppet theatre especially popular on the Indonesian islands of ... Read full article

Baby tooth

First baby's tooth have symbolic value in many world cultures. Let's start with Japan. Japanese p... Read full article


Piñata is nowadays mainly connected with Mexico and other areas of Central America. Still, the orig... Read full article

Tsagaan Sar

Tsagaan Sar (in Mongolian white moon or white month) is the Mongolian lunisolar New Year festival. I... Read full article


Lei in Hawaiian language means a wreath or garland. There is also a popular meaning which defines le... Read full article


Koninginnedag or Queen's Day is the celebration of the Dutch queen’s birthday on the 30th of April... Read full article


Kakizome (in Japanese “first writing”) is a traditional Japanese caligraphy written at the begin... Read full article

Reaching 30

Persons who are still single on their 30th birthday are quite often being teased. Some nations have ... Read full article


Hanami (in Japanese flower viewing) is a very popular Japanese tradition where people gather to obse... Read full article

Pearly Kings and Queens

Pearly Kings and Queens or “Pearlies”, as they are also known, is a name of a tradition existing... Read full article

Japanese greeting customs

People in Japan greet each other by bowing. When you meet a person you should bow and that way show ... Read full article


Mallakhamb or malkhamb is a traditional Indian sport. The person competing in it performs different ... Read full article

Birthday in Canada

At almost every birthday party there is a birthday cake decorated with coloured sugar sprinkles. Th... Read full article


Kathakali is a traditional Indian dance drama. It was created more than three centuries ago in what ... Read full article

Kyz kuu

Kyz kuu or kyz kuumal (in Kyrgyz “girl chasing”) is a popular traditional Kyrgyz and Kazakh spor... Read full article

Ondel-ondel puppets

Ondel-ondel are traditional puppets of the Betawi people which live in the Indonesian capital Jakart... Read full article


Bindi comes from the Sanskrit word bindu meaning „a drop, a small particle“. Bindi is a forehead... Read full article


Especially in the winter many of us catch a cold. What about you? Achoo!!! Was that you? Are you... Read full article

Calcio Storico

Mix football with some rugby and you will get something what is in Italian city of Florence called C... Read full article

Il Palio di Siena

Il Palio di Siena is a world famous medieval horse race organized in the city of Siena located in th... Read full article

Chinese Scented Sachets

Chinese Scented Sachets or fragrant bags (in Chinese xiang nang) are small cloth bags filled with ar... Read full article

Baby naming traditions

Naming of a baby is a great event in every community. With the name she or he becomes part of a comm... Read full article

Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi dolls are Japanese wooden dolls traditionally made in the north of Honshū island. When comp... Read full article


Hagoita-Ichi is a traditional Japanese fair organized between the 16th and 19th of December in the S... Read full article


Ishi-doro or stone lanterns can be seen all across Japan. Its upper part is hollow. A candle, bulb o... Read full article


Aizkolaritza (in Basque “aizkolari” is a wood-chopper) is the name for competition of wood-chopp... Read full article


Everybody dreams. Dreams are sequences of images, emotions or ideas that without our will appear in ... Read full article


Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is aquatic perennial plant whose roots are in the bottom of pond or river.... Read full article

Fruit - more than food

Almost everyone likes some kind of fruit. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. They represent hig... Read full article


Conch is a type of gastropod or sea snail. They have beautiful shells. In West Indies and East Asia ... Read full article


Rose is a perennial plant of the genus Rosa. It belongs to the family Rosaceae. There are over 100 s... Read full article

Vanuatu sand drawings

The Republic of Vanuatu is an archipelago state located in the south of Pacific Ocean. Almost whole ... Read full article

Bats and good luck

Homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as the other one but it has different meaning. All l... Read full article


For many people in Sweden the summer just would not be the same without kräftskiva. These outdoor p... Read full article

The Historical Regatta of Venice

The wonderful Italian city of Venice is located on over 117 small island. The city has numerous cana... Read full article

Tea caddy

Tea caddy is a special box, pot or other kind of container used for keeping loose leaf tea. Word cad... Read full article

Yoke thé

Yoke thé (in English miniatures) is the traditional form of Burmese puppetry. The marionette type o... Read full article

Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy is the traditional British puppet show. Two main characters in the show are Mr. Punch... Read full article


Chaki is a term present in Japanese tea culture. Word “chaki” means a tea tool. Chaki has severa... Read full article

Castleton Garland Day

Castleton Garland Day or Garland King Day is a lovely tradition held on the 29th of May in English t... Read full article


Vogalonga is a non-competitive regatta held in the Italian city of Venice. The idea for this traditi... Read full article

Opera dei Pupi

People of Sicily are proud of their puppet theatre known as Opera dei Pupi or in Sicilian Opira dî ... Read full article


Fantasia is an amazing Moroccan event performed in by the group of Berber people on their beautifull... Read full article


Albularyo (arbularyo, hilot) is a medicine person or a healer in the Philippines. Nowadays it is sti... Read full article


Trullo is a traditional building with a conical roof. It is typical for the Itria Valley (Valle d'It... Read full article

Igbo masks

Igbo people live in the southeast of Nigeria. Very important part of their daily living is the masqu... Read full article

Pow wow

Pow wow is a traditional social event held by the members of American Native people.... Read full article

Japanese tattoo

Japanese tattoo is over 10,000 years old. The Japanese call it irezumi or horimono.... Read full article

Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh is the Bengali New Year. It is celebrated in Bangladesh and Indian state of West Ben... Read full article


Shogatsu is the Japanese New Year celebration. Since 1873 it has been celebrated on the 1st of January.... Read full article


Kwanzaa is a festivity held by the African Americans from the 26th of December until the 1st of Janu... Read full article

Queima das Fitas

The University in Portuguese city of Coimbra was founded in 1290. It is one of the oldest universiti... Read full article


Bento is a meal packed in a box shaped container. In Japan it traditionally includes rice, fish or m... Read full article


Hanok is a traditional Korean house. Location of the house and its interior structure have to be cl... Read full article


Yabusame is a type of traditional Japanese mounted archery. An archer tries to shoot three arrows at... Read full article

Chochin lantern

Chochin is a Japanese portable lantern whose source of light is a candle. On its top and bottom ther... Read full article


Gestures are forms of non-verbal communication. Through certain body moves we send messages to other... Read full article