Death Rites

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Korean funeral

An old Korean belief states that a person who dies alone will become kaekkvi or a wondering ghost. S... Read full article

Asian death rites

Death is a regular part of everyone's life. We all have to die. We experience deaths of those close ... Read full article

European death rites

Europe like any other part of world has its numerous death rites, meaning traditions at the moment o... Read full article

Native American death rites

There are many native American nations. Each of them has numerous traditions concerning death, funer... Read full article

Jazz funeral

Jazz funeral is a type of funeral music tradition from New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a result of num... Read full article

Jhator - Sky burial

Sky burial or jhator (in Tibetan „giving alms to the birds“) is a Tibetan burial custom where a ... Read full article


Malagan (malangan, malanggan) is a traditional ceremony held in parts of New Ireland province in Pap... Read full article

Japanese funeral

Religious beliefs of most Japanese are a combination of Buddhism and Shintoism. But more than 90% pe... Read full article

Chinese funeral

Chinese funeral has several main traditions. There are Buddhist ceremonies that last at least for 49... Read full article


Fitampoha is one of traditions observed by the Sakalava tribe in the region of Menabe which is locat... Read full article


Obon or Bon is more than 500 years old Japanese Buddhist tradition honouring the ancestors' spirits... Read full article

African death rites

Africa, from its north to south, from east to west, has huge number of different traditions associa... Read full article


Mirila (in local dialect "measurments") are traditional memorials that can be seen on the Velebit mo... Read full article

The Day of the Dead in Mexico

The Day of the Dead or „El día de los Muertos“ is one of the most popular holidays in Mexico. T... Read full article


According to the Hebrew calendar Yahrtzeit (in Jiddish “time (of) year”) is a tradition during w... Read full article

Death anniversary

Death anniversary or as it is sometimes called death day is a tradition existing in several Asian co... Read full article