Folk Beliefs

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Cats have been part of human communities for over 9,500 years. In many civilisations they have been ... Read full article

Rangi and Papa

A creation myth or creation story describes beliefs how the world people live in was created and how... Read full article

Hair folklore

Hair has been part of beliefs in many civilisations throughout the World. They are often about the l... Read full article

Daruma doll

Daruma (dharma) doll is a round Japanese doll. It represents the Indian monk Bodhidharma. He was the... Read full article

Nuno sa Punso

Nuno sa Punso (duwende) or simply Nuno is a dwarf from the Philippine mythology. He is so small. Som... Read full article


Ladybug (Lady Beetle or Ladybird Beetle) is one of the most popular bugs. There are about 5,000 lady... Read full article


Omamori (in Japanese o-mamori means honourable protector) is a traditional Japanese charm dedicated ... Read full article

A Short guide to witches in Catalonia

Witches (in Catalan "bruixes") have quite an important place in Catalan folklore. According to local... Read full article


Güije is a strange character existing in numerous Cuban legends. There are people saying that they ... Read full article


The day of Hromnice is the Czech tradition celebrated on the 2nd of Febraury. “Hromnice” are sp... Read full article


Andrzejki is the time when single young women in Poland try to predict their luck in love and whom t... Read full article

Teru teru bozu

Teru teru bozu is a traditional Japanese doll made of white cloth or paper. Japanese verb “teru”... Read full article

Hopi Kachina dolls

Hopi Kachina (Katsina) dolls are made from the roots of cottonwood trees. These dolls actually rep... Read full article

Nazar - The Evil Eye Amulet

Nazar is an amulet that protects from the evil eye. Evil eye is a special look or the power to cause... Read full article

Hamsa - your protection from the evil

Hamsa (Chamsa, Khamsa) or Hamesh hand is a palm-shaped protective amulet. It is used by Muslims and ... Read full article

Chan Chu – The Lucky Frog

Chan Chu (Ch'an Chu) or "Three-legged Money Frog" is a popular Chinese symbol of prosperity. Accordi... Read full article

Maneki Neko – Japanese lucky cat

Maneki Neko (in Japanese Beckoning Cat) is a traditional Japanese cat sculpture who suppose to bring... Read full article


Ekeko (Equeco) is the God of abundance and prosperous life of the people living in the Andean Altipl... Read full article


Tanuki is the Japanese word used to name the Japanese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrin... Read full article


Pigs have been with us for thousands of years. In many civilisations they were or still are much mor... Read full article


Horseshoe is an u-shaped object that is glued or nailed to the hooves of horses and some draught ani... Read full article


Ankou is a creature representing death in the Breton mythology. He is also called the “king of dea... Read full article


Crickets are nocturnal insects of the Gryllidae family. According to experts there about 900 species... Read full article


Xiezhi or haetae is a famous Chinese mythological animal which is believed to be able to distinguish... Read full article

Strange Russian beliefs

People in all countries have their own daily rituals and beliefs. Russia is no exception. Let's assu... Read full article