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The Kayapo (Caiapó in Portugese) are the native people of Brazil living on the plains of the Mato ... Read full article

San people

The San or Basarwa people live on the vast territory of Kalahari desert which is divided among 3 cou... Read full article

Sami people

The Sámi people are indigenous people living in the north of Europe. Sámi communities exist in nor... Read full article


As to the Australian Bureau of statistics there are 517.000 (2006) Aborigines, which is 2,6% of Aust... Read full article

Cherokee people

Cherokee (Tsalagi, Aniyvwiyai) Native American people mainly live in Georgia, North Carolina, South ... Read full article

Georgian traditions

Georgia is a country with population of 4,570,934 (2011 estimate). Its people call it Sakartvelo. Ge... Read full article

Lebanese traditions

Lebanon (in Arabic Lubnān) is a republic in Western Asia. Lebanon is located on the shore of Medite... Read full article

Uros Indians

Where did they come from? As to the legend from the pre-Columbian era they existed before the su... Read full article


The Dogon people, with population of less than 800,000, live in the central lowland region of Mali, ... Read full article


The Dinka nation of cattle herders live in the south of Sudan (the Bahr el Ghazal region of the Nile... Read full article


You are in Fiji. You have to meet one of the locals. Here is how to greet properly. You just say Bul... Read full article


Mursi or Murzu people, numbering about 47000, live in the Omo valley in the southwest of Ethiopia. T... Read full article


The Maori people are the indigenous people of New Zealand. According to the latest data there are ab... Read full article

Himba people

The Himba people live in the Kunene region of northern Namibia. They raise cattle and goats.... Read full article