Strange Traditions

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Palio della Rana

Palio della Rana is a rather unusual event organized during the first weekend after Easter in the It... Read full article

Bone house

Bone house is a building or certain site which includes human skeletal remains. They are ofte... Read full article

Las Bolas de Fuego

Las Bolas de Fuego or "Balls of Fire" is a traditional event held every 31st of August in small town... Read full article


ClauWau is the world Santa championships in Swiss ski resort of Engadin Samnaun. It is held on the 2... Read full article

Maldon mud race

Maldon, Essex is a town located in the east of England. The town is known for its strange racing com... Read full article

Boryeong Mud Festival

The Boryeong Mud Festival (in Korean Boryeong meod chukje) has been organized in Boryeong, South Kor... Read full article

10 strange traditions (4)

(1) Fingerhakeln or "finger wrestling" is a game played in the Alpine region of Austria and Germany.... Read full article

10 strange traditions (1)

What is strange often depends from which perspective you look at certain matter. Different societies... Read full article


Aperschnalzen (in the south of Germany word "aper" means without snow) or schnalzen is a tradition o... Read full article

10 strange traditions (3)

(1) The Maonan people live in mountains of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region located in the south of... Read full article

Battle of the Queens

Battle of the Queens (in French "Combat de Reines") is a name of the cow fighting tournaments held i... Read full article

Firewalking traditions

Firewalking is an act during which a person walks over a layer of hot ambers or stones. It has been ... Read full article


Playing polo with a dead goat

... Read full article

Battle of the Oranges

Ivrea is a town in the Piedmont province of northern Italy. It is known for its local carnival orga... Read full article

Stilt walking

Stilts are poles that allow person stand and walk at certain height above the ground. To enable walk... Read full article

10 strange traditions (2)

After finishing first article about 10 strange traditions, which you can find at this web site, I th... Read full article

Rubber duck races

Many of us relate rubber ducks with having a bath. In some parts of the world there are races involv... Read full article

The World Coal Carrying Championships

On Easter Monday people in English village of Gawthorpe, Yorkshire organize a rather unusual race. A... Read full article

World Sauna Championships

World Sauna Championships was organized in the town Heinola located in the south of Finland. The fir... Read full article

Hadaka Matsuri

Hadaka Matsuri or "Naked Festival" is a traditional Japanese event held each year on the 17th Februa... Read full article

Hare Pie Scramble and Bottle Kicking

Hare Pie Scramble and Bottle Kicking is a traditional event held on the Easter Monday in the English... Read full article

Navajo sand paintings

Navajo native Americans or the Diné live in the southwest of the USA. They are famous for their sa... Read full article


"Jallikattu" or "Manju Virattu" ("chasing the bull") is a bull taming competition organized in the I... Read full article

Trauco and Fiura

This story takes us to the Chiloé Island. It is the second largest island of Chile. It is located ... Read full article


Leprechaun is a fairy in the Irish mythology. According to Irish lexicographer and historian Patrick... Read full article

Foot binding

Foot binding is a cruel tradition that used to exist in China between the 10th and early 20th centur... Read full article

The flyers of Papantla

The flyers of Papantla or Los Voladores de Papantla is a group of five men from the city of Papantla... Read full article


An inukshuk (inuksuit in plural) is a man-made stone landmark that exists in the Arctic region of No... Read full article

Life on the Moon

Neil Armstrong stepped on the Moon on July 20, 1969. As far as it is known he did not find any livin... Read full article


Tunarama is one of the most popular festivals in Australia. It is organized in Port Lincoln, SA duri... Read full article

Gioco del Ponte

Today's journey will take us to Pisa. It is a city in the province of Tuscany located in central Ita... Read full article

The Night of Radishes

The Night of Radishes or Noche de Rabanos is celebrated every year on the 23rd of December in Oaxaca... Read full article

Elephant polo

Elephant polo is a game quite similar to the polo most of us already know. It is just that players r... Read full article


Gurning or chucking is a term which involves making distorted facial expressions. The most popular t... Read full article

Konaki Sumo

Konaki („crying“) Sumo or Nakizumo ("sumo of tears") is more than 400 years old tradition organi... Read full article

La Chiesa dei Morti

La Chiesa dei Morti or Church of the Dead is rather unusual small church in the Italian town of Urba... Read full article


Harikuyo (Hari Kuyo) is a traditional Japanese memorial service dedicated to needles and pins. It is... Read full article

Silbo Gomero

La Gomera is one of Spanish Canary Islands. Due to rough island landscape it was not always easy to ... Read full article

La Tomatina

This rather bizarre tomato fighting festival is organized in Spanish town of Buñol (about 38 kilome... Read full article


The small town of Tarazona, Aragon is located in the northeast of Spain. Its patron saint is Saint A... Read full article

Weighing the Mayor

High Wycombe is the English town in the Buckinghamshire. It is famous for its furniture industry and... Read full article

10 strange traditions (5)

(1) If you have ever wondered through the south of France you may noticed rather unusual symbols on ... Read full article

San Fermin

The Festival of San Fermin (Fiesta de San Fermin) is best known for its „el encierro“ or runnin... Read full article

La Pourcailhade

La Pourcailhade or the festival of the pig is organized on the second sunday in August in Trie sur B... Read full article

Roasted pig parade

Roasted pig has quite an important place in the Philippines. Balayan is a town 108 kilometres south ... Read full article

Haro Wine Festival

Haro Wine Festival is organized in the town of Haro located in the northern Spanish region of La Roj... Read full article

Well dressing

Well dressing is an ancient tradition of decorating or "dressing" of wells and other water resources... Read full article

World Pillow Fighting Championships

World Pillow Fighting Championships is organized in the American town of Kenwood, Ca. The competitio... Read full article