Weighing the Mayor

High Wycombe is the English town in the Buckinghamshire. It is famous for its furniture industry and the market that has been organized there since the medieval times. The tradition that makes High Wycombe quite an unusual place is the Weighing the Mayor.

High Wycombe
High Wycombe

What is the connection between the election of local mayor and his or her weight? Well, actually there is. According to an old local belief weight can be quite good proof to check if the person used his or her political status at the expense of tax payers.

The ceremony was once held in the White Hart Street. Everything included big procession starting from the town's church. The procession was lead by a drummer. Nowadays everything is a bit less spectacular.

The ceremony is now performed in the High Street. Mayor is not the only one being weighed. Some other dignitaries also have to pass the same procedure. The checking of weight is usually done close to the end of May. The person gaining in weight is at least suspicious. Lively comments of the crowd can be heard during whole ritual.