Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara is honoured among Roman Catholics but also in Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy. In Roman Catholic Church her feast day is on the 4th of December. She is the patron saint of miners, army engineers and everyone else who work with explosives. She is also honoured by the people from the world of mathematics.

Cabinet with the statue of Saint Barbara
Cabinet with the statue of Saint Barbara

There is a tradition to put her statue in part of ship or in building where explosive matters are kept. In Italian word "santabarabara" determines such a place. It is very similar in Spanish and French language.

Christians of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine celebrate Saint Barbara's Day (in Arab Eid il-Burbara) by making "Burbara". This dish is made with boiled barley, pomegranate seeds, raisins, anise and some sugar. The dish is given to children wearing masks.

Saint Barbara's Day had a different meaning in Slovakia. People believed that this was the day when witches arrive on Earth. Young people used to cover their faces with flour or white scarves. This was done to prevent witches from entering the house. There is also belief that the weather on Saint Barbara's Day is going to continue until Christmas.