La Chandeleur

Fête de la Chandeleur or just La Chandeleur is a popular French name of the Catholic holiday of Candlemas. It is held 40 days after Christmas. That is on the 2nd of February

The holiday is also sometimes called Fête de la Lumière or Jour des Crêpes. For all those little bit confused, let's just say that Fête de la Lumière is also the name of famous light festival in Lyon. This festival has nothing to do with La Chandeleur.

Crêpes or pancakes are prepared in large quantities. There are quite many folk beliefs related to them. Some say that farmers must eat lot of pancakes to ensure rich harvest.

Les Crêpes
Les Crêpes

There is a special ritual if you want to ensure prosperity during the entire year. You will need a coin. Hold it in one of your hands. Use the other one to hold a pan and prepare a pancake. Now you need to throw a pancake in the air and catch it with your pan. The success means prosperity in your life.

There are some French sayings about the relation between La Chandeleur and the weather. One of them says that the dew on that day means that winter is almost over.

La Chandeleur includes few other folk beliefs. If you light a candle inside a church and you manage to bring it to your home without flame going out you are not going to die in the coming year.