Easter songs

Easter and days of the Holy Week preceding it can not be imagined without music. Numerous different songs are performed. They vary from those of deep sadness performed on Good Friday to those filled with joy performed on Easter Sunday. Here are few songs from different parts of the World.

Being from Croatia let me start with the Croatian song "Puče moj" (Oh, my people) by the group Vokalisti Salone. This song is performed on Good Friday.

Georgian traditional Easter song "Chona" is from the Kakheti region. This version is performed by the Rustavi ensemble.

The next song is "The Christ is risen". It is sung by The choir of the holy monastery of Vatopaidi mount Athos in Greece.

People of Dobrogea area in Romania sing the Easter song Cântec de stea (The Easter carol of the Star).

Peruvian Easter song “Apu Yaya Jesucristo” (Mighty Christ) is in Quechua. It is from the city of Ayacucho in the province of Huamanga. This city is famous for its 33 churches. Each church represents one year of Christ's life.

The last song within this article is from the Republic of Malawi in southeast Africa. You can listen to the song of joy by people gathered at the Easter Sunday mass.