Dyngus or Smigus-dyngus or „Lany Poniedziałek“ is celebrated in Poland on the Easter Monday.

Dyngus or Smigus-dyngus

On this day boys wait hidden to surprise and sprinkle girls with water or perfume.

People believe that girls who get soaked will marry within the year.

There are doubts about the origin of this tradition. Some say it is pagan as the pouring of water is a spring symbol of cleansing and purification.

There are others who think that Dyngus represents the renewal of the sacrament of baptism after Christ has risen.

Third theory connects Dyngus with Polish ruler Prince Mieszko the First who was baptized in 966 on Easter Monday.

The tradition of Dyngus was first mentioned in the Middle Ages. But then it was called Oblewania.

It is interesting to mention that then girls had a chance for kind of revenge.

From Tuesday (meaning the first one after the Easter) until the time of the Green Holidays or Pentecost, girls could pour water on boys.