Verdiales is one form of the traditional Spanish flamenco music. It is typical for Los Verdiales region located north of Malaga, Andalucia. Special verdial olives are grown in the region. The word “verdiales” actually comes from Latin word “verdan” which means green.

Panda performing Verdiales music
Panda performing Verdiales music

According to flamenco experts, traditional verdiales music has its origin in the Arab music that arrived to the region in the 8th century. This music is performed by bands called “pandas”. Typical panda includes violin, guitar, lute and castanets. Different objects like pots, pans or pieces of wood are also used in the performance. Members of the panda wear colourful hats.

Every year, on the 28th of December, there is a special competition of pandas called the "Fiesta Mayor de Verdiales". It is organized in Puerto de la Torre located on the outskirts of Malaga. It was held for the first time in 1962. 25 pandas compete in the competition. Each panda has some 20 members.

There are three types of Verdiales music - Almogía, Montes and Comares. In Almogía, for example, the most important instrument is the violin. People very often dance to the music performed by the Panda band. Each Verdiales type of song is consisted of three different "coplas" (verses).