Reaching 30

Persons who are still single on their 30th birthday are quite often being teased. Some nations have special traditions observed on that birthday. In Germany a man who is celebrating his 30th birthday is given a broom. His friends put lot of rubble on the city hall stairs. He then sweeps the stairs. Finishing his work is not the end of his trouble. More rubble is thrown and he has to do it all over again. By sweeping the stairs he is showing to all the girls passing by that he is still single and that he can clean a house well.

In Denmark on the other side reaching 30 has lot to do with pepper. Single woman of that age is called a "pepper maid" or "pebermø" in Danish. Single man in the same situation is called a "pepper man" or "pebersvend". Pepper mills or pepper shakers are given as birthday presents.