New home

New home is a new beginning for both an individual and whole family. There are many various traditions performed when moving into a new home.

Let's start with China. When leaving their old home the Chinese people organize a farewell party. All the neighbours are invited. People traditionally set off fireworks.

The same as when leaving the old home the loud sounds of firecrackers are heard when the family is moving into the new home.

Before bringing in the furniture and other objects people in China carry a stove with burning coal briquettes. Such stove is put in every corner of the house. Some people leave the stove inside the house for a day before moving in.

There is another tradition. Before moving in Chinese people hold a flashlight and shine the light into the top and bottom corner of every room and every wardrobe. Why is it done? Well, the Chinese believe that by performing this ritual they show the spirits where to go.

For some Chinese it is very important to bring a bamboo pole into the house. On bamboo poles one joint is always higher than another. This characteristic symbolically shows people's wish for progress in life. After the pole people bring in other objects, but in perfect order, from bigger to smaller ones.

In China people believe that it good luck to bring an orange or tangerine tree in the home. The reason for it is the fact that Chinese words for orange and luck sound very similar.

In Korea people organize housewarming parties known as Jibdeuli. Those invited usually bring rolls of toilet paper and some detergent. They are regarded as symbols of prosperity. In the past they were quite expensive for many families. Republic of Korea has not always had high standard of living.

Before moving into a new home, people in Thailand hold the “Sen Wai Jour Teen” ceremony. The purpose of this ceremony is to let the spirits know that someone is moving into the house and to ask for their protection. The ceremony includes food and sometimes water offerings. Flowers and incense sticks are offered too. That way ghosts will not make troubles and the “Lord of the Land” will bring good luck to the family.

Thai people have yet another ritual. It is held at about 10 am. When moving into a new house people bring three objects – rice, water and knife. These objects have symbolical meaning. Rice and water are brought as wish for good, prosperous life. The knife should protect the family from evil spirits.

There is also a Buddha's house blessing ceremony. But it is quite rare. It turns to be rather expensive as you would have to invite all your friends and family. That is why it is usually organized a year after moving in.

In the USA there are people of all cultures. Each of them have their own traditions when moving into new homes. One of them is very common. People prepare cakes and bring them to their new neighbours to introduce themselves.

Within 30 days of moving into a new home Jews have to fix a decorated case with a mezuzah in it to the right upper third of door frame. Mezuzah (in Hebrew “doorpost”) is a piece of parchment on which there are certain Hebrew verse from Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21).


Jews also have an old tradition of giving salt, bread and a broom when someone moves in as sort of housewarming present. Salt is meant to season your life. Bread is given in hope you will never be hungry. The broom is meant to sweep all the sadness in life away. Sugar is sometimes added too. It should make your life sweeter.

In France people organize a party called “pendre la crémaillère” or “to hang the trammel”. When moving into a new house in the Middle Ages people brought a trammel. The trammel was sort of metal hook used to hold kettle and pots over the fire. When it was hung people knew that they could start preparing the meal to thank all those who built the house.

In Russia people always first let a cat inside the house or apartment before they actually move in.