Siurell is a clay whistle from the island of Mallorca, Spain. It is one of major symbols of this island. Two traditional siurell figurines are those of a peasant and a devil. But nowadays other figurines of various people and animals are also made.

The whistle itself is actually placed at the back of each figurine. A “tronquet d’albó” and a cane are used in making of the whistle.


Siurell is traditionally white with lines of different colour. Colour of lines depends on the place where the figurine was made. For example, in the town of Marratxi those lines are red and green. Apart from Marratxi siurells are also made in Felanitx, Inca, Sineu etc.

Siurell was once a toy. Shepherds also used them to control animals in their herd. Still its true origin is not yet known. Some see them as mysterious or magical. One of them was the famous painter Joan Miró (1893-1983). Siurells are also part of the Romeria de Sant Marçal (Pilgrimage of Saint Marcel) held in Sa Cabeneta on the 30th of June.