Shochu is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made during destilery of barley (mugijochu), rice (komejochu) or sweet potatoes (imojochu). The Japanese word “shochu” comes from Chinese “shaojiu” which means "burned liquor".

Shochu usually contains 25 % of alcohol by volume. Some producers perform multiple distillery. That way the drink can have up to 35 % of alcohol per volume. Single and multiple distilled shochu can be mixed. That way blended shouchu or konwashochu is created.

Shochu with ice
Shochu with ice

The production of shochu first started on the Japanese island of Kyushu. It is drank in many way and on various occasions. You can drink it in its pure form. Some ice can be added too. There are people who prefer their drink diluted with some water.

You can experiment with the temperature of water. Water is not the only liquid that can be added to shochu. Some people enjoy it with some fruit or oolong tea. There is also a combination of shochu and beer. It is known as hoppy.