Kimchi (gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee) is a traditional Korean dish made of different vegetables and seasoning. Vegetables used in its preparation are napa cabbage (type of Chinese cabbage), radish, green onion, cucumber etc. The most commonly used seasonings are brine, scallion (green or spring onion), different spices, ginger, garlic, "saeujeot" (salted and fermented shrimps) and "aekjeot" (fish sauce).

Kimchi – traditional Korean dish

Depending on the region of origin, ingredients and season there are more than 100 varieties of kimchi. Kimchi is usually consumed as a side dish or “banchan.” The most popular variety of kimchi is called the “baechu” or Chinese cabbage. Kimchi is very good for your health. It contains high level of dietary fibre. It is a low calorie dish. It is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C, A, B1, B2), calcium and iron. It contains several lactic acid bacteria.