Pigs have been with us for thousands of years. In many civilisations they were or still are much more than source of food.

Nordic god Frey had a golden boar known as the "Gold-Bristle" or "Gold-Mane". Pigs are one of twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. 2019 is going to be the next year of pig. The Chinese believe that the pig symbolizes tolerance, honesty and initiative. In the Bible there is a famous sentence "Do not cast your pearls before swine" which tells us that it is wrong to share something valuable with those who do not appreciate its value.

Black pigs
Black pigs

It is believed that you can stop voodoo spell from being put upon you by carrying a bundle of bristles belonging to a pig cooked in the voodoo ritual. Some Sikh women put pig's teeth hanging around the neck of their children to protect them from the evil eye. In European folklore there is a belief that pigs are scared of mirrors.

In China and some European countries pigs are symbols of good luck and prosperity. On the other side there are also some opposite beliefs. In parts of England there is a belief that pigs bring bad luck to fishermen and sailors. Some people even do not want mention the word pig when sailing.

Pigs are the main attraction of some festivals like for example La Pourcailhade in France and the Roasted pig parade in the Philippines. Pork is regarded delicacy in many parts of the World. In Portugal and Croatia even slaughtering of the animal is turned into a party.

Vegans, Jews, Muslims and some Christian communities, like for example Seventh-day Adventists, do not eat pork. Pigs became part of our languages. In English when describing someone who is greedy it is said "greedy as a pig". There are expressions when pigs are mentioned in positive sense. When someone is very happy it is often said "happy as a pig in mud".

Pigs appear in fairy tales. Perfect examples is the famous tale of the Three Little Pigs. Many tv viewers certainly remember the Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show.