Nuno sa Punso

Nuno sa Punso (duwende) or simply Nuno is a dwarf from the Philippine mythology. He is so small. Some say you would need something like a microscope to actually see him. There are also those who believe that he looks like an old man.

Nuno sa Punso
Nuno sa Punso – the Philippine dwarf

Nuno sa Punso lives in an anthill called “punso.” He can also be found under huge rocks, trees, along rivers, in caves and sometimes even next to human homes. Those who step on the punso and damage it are punished. Their foot gets swollen, they vomit blood, urinate black liquid and become rather hairy on their back.

It is also believed that this dwarf can spit at you. You are going to feel pain in part of the body where the saliva landed. The worst punishment is actually a dwarf's curse that can cause a possession.

Families of those who have been punished by the dwarf bring some food or similar offerings to the punso. A ritual called “tawas” which is performed by the albularyo is also a good way to help the victim. Some people say that it is possible to kill the dwarf by crushing him between your fingers. This is not recommended because of possible revenge by the dwarf's family members and friends.