The day of Hromnice is the Czech tradition celebrated on the 2nd of Febraury. “Hromnice” are special ceremonial candles that are lit on that night, but only if some thunder (in Czech “hrom”) can be heard. On the Hromnice day people observe different “signs” that should tell them when the winter is going to end or some other weather related stuff. There are numerous sayings about Hromnice.

Here are just three examples -

“O Hromnicích déšť - na jaře sníh; o Hromnicích sníh - na jaře déšť.”
(“Rain on Hromnice - snow in the spring; snow on Hromnice - rain in the spring.”)

“Na Hromnice husa po vodě - na velikonoce po ledě.”
(“If the goose swims on water on Hromnice, it will walk on ice at Easter.”)

“Jestli na Hromnice mrzne a sněží, úrodný rok na to běží.”
(“If Hromnice is freezing and snowy, a fertile year will follow.”)