Crickets are nocturnal insects of the Gryllidae family. According to experts there about 900 species of crickets. Most people know them because of the sound male crickets create. In English language this is known as chirping. In science term stridulation is used. Crickets chirp is to attract female crickets, when another male cricket is discovered and immediately after mating.

In many countries crickets and chirping became part of local folk beliefs. In Brazil and some other countries chirping symbolize coming rain or sudden income in family or business. In Brazilian town of Caraguatatuba, São Paulo people believe that the colour of cricket you see has special importance. If you see a black cricket you or someone dear to your heart is going to get sick. It is good to see a grey cricket as you are going to get some extra money. Green crickets are symbols of hope.


In the state of Alagoas located in the northeast of Brazil chirping is a sign of death. On the other side for the people of Brazilian village Capueiruçu, Bahia constant chirping period announces pregnancy. Chirping with breaks is not bad either. People say that you are going to get money.

The Gryllotalpa africanus cricket is a symbol of good luck for the people in Zambia. In many countries crickets are kept as pets. In Asia and Europe there is a belief that it is bad luck to kill a cricket. Crickets are symbols of good luck for most Native Americans. In China and some other Asian countries people believe that cricket can notice danger and then stop chirping.

In parts of China, like for example around Macau in the south of the country, there is a tradition of cricket fighting. It is believed that the first cricket fights were organized the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). Cricket fighting and betting related to it also exist in southeast Asia and Mexico. In Mexico crickets are delicacy in the local cuisine.