Jazz funeral

Jazz funeral is a type of funeral music tradition from New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a result of numerous European and African influences. In the past Louisiana was know for its brass bands that performed on funerals and other events. Local African American population combined their music with West African elements present in their culture. Catholicism, Protestant Christianity, Mardi Gras Indians and Voodoo beliefs also influenced what is now known as the jazz funeral. Jazz funeral represents the celebration of the deceased's life.

Jazz funeral is a common term, but in the past it was mainly used by the observers. People who actually participated in the tradition used to call it a „funeral with music“. Jazz funerals are usually held for dead musicians. In the last few years some young people are buried that way too. Jazz brass band joined by the family and friends of the deceased performs various dirges and hymns. Popular songs performed at the jazz funeral are "Nearer My God to Thee" and "Just a Closer Walk With Thee".