Fruit - more than food

Almost everyone likes some kind of fruit. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. They represent highly important part of human diet. World religions, mythology and local folk beliefs often gave the fruit symbolic, kind of mysterious meaning.

In the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis, the first book of the Bible, apple symbolizes temptation. Some claim that the Bible does not mention any specific type of fruit. They say that many talk of apple as forbidden fruit mainly due to medieval art where the story was shown including apple.


In Norse mythology golden apples were source of eternal youth. They were guarded by goddess Idun. For the Chinese apple is a symbol of peace. They often compare the woman's beauty with apple flowers.

People in Japan adore cherries. They are symbols beauty and modesty. Hanami is a popular Japanese tradition where people observe beautiful cherry (“sakura”) and Japanese plum (“ume”) blossoms. In ancient China people believed that pears and cherries symbolized immortality. They thought that cherry wood could protect homes from evil sprits. People had cherry branches or wooden statues in their houses.

The fig tree is sacred for the Buddhist. It is believed that Buddha was enlightened while sitting under this tree. In some Asian countries plum blossoms symbolize young woman.