A Short guide to witches in Catalonia

Witches (in Catalan "bruixes") have quite an important place in Catalan folklore. According to local beliefs a witch is a woman who made an agreement with the devil. She has supernatural powers which she can use for her own purpose or just out of pure evil. Among numerous powers, witches can also see people naked through their clothes. Well, maybe they should be part of security at airports.

Actually it is quite easy to become a witch. Here is the procedure. The ritual is performed at the seashore. You take all your clothes off. Then you lay on sand and roll on it 7 times. After that you stand up make three circles.

Bruixes (witches)

Full moon of October and January is time when witches in Catalonia get mark on their buttocks. This "mark of the devil" is a result of strong bite of devil's teeth. Witches travel on forks, poles and brooms.

People in Catalonia believe that there are several ways to notice presence of a witch. Here is one example. The sound of leaves falling on rooftop is a sign that a witch is criticizing people living in this house.

Centelles is a small town located in the Catalan county (“comarca”) of Osona. It hosts a festival dedicated to witches called “Cau de Bruixes”. The festival was organized for the first time in 1998. It is held on the Saturday before local carnival. It is in January or Februrary. The exact date varies from year to year. In 2013 Cau de Bruixes will be held on the 26th of January.

It includes a market with various products related to witches, astrology, alternative medicine etc. Visitors can participate in different lectures and workshops. There are spectacular street shows with witches and other fantastic creatures.