Christmas Traditions

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Christmas in South America

Christmas in South America is a bright, colourful holiday. It is celebrated with lot of passion. Similarities between countries are due to the fact that most people in Latin America are Roman Catholics.

Christmas in Europe

Christmas is a holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated by Christians but also by many non-Christians. Christmas is a festival of peace, love and understanding. Despite becoming more and more commercialized, many of traditions are still being observed.

Christmas in North America

Christmas traditions in North America are numerous and varied. Each nation in Canada and the USA which celebrates Christmas has many traditions of its own. Some traditions like Santa Claus have been "imported" from Europe and transformed according to business laws. In 1863 Santa Claus got its red clothes, white beard and a sleigh with reindeer. This fact gradually resulted in commercialism of Christmas not only in North America, but also all over the World.

Christmas in Africa

Christianity appeared in Africa in the 1st Century AD. Nowadays there are about 350 million Christians living in Africa. Christmas in Africa managed to keep lot of its spiritual meaning. It is far less commercialized than in other parts of the World.
Saint Mark's cathedral in Cairo, Egypt Saint Mark's cathedral in Cairo, Egypt

Christmas in Central America

From the 16th of December until Christmas Eve people in Mexico perform "las posadas" (in Spanish "the inns"). Each posada is actually kind of play about Mary and Joseph searching for a place where Jesus would be born. Places where posadas are held change from home to home in certain neighbourhood.

Christmas in Australia

People of Australia love to send Christmas cards. Each year they send more than 100 million of them. The first Australian Christmas card was made in 1881 by John Sands.

Christmas in Asia

Christianity is the predominant religion in only two Asian countries - the Philippines and East Timor. Christians make higher percentage of total population in Lebanon and South Korea. Still, Christmas is a very popular holiday all over Asia. The most popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines is "pah-role." It is a bamboo pole with lighted star on top of it. This pole represents the guiding star of Bethlehem. People also decorate their homes with buntings, candles and wreaths. Numerous Christmas cards are put in the living room for everyone to see. Cities shine in colourful lights.